Hair Replacement Systems - Smart Guide on Hair Replacement Systems

There are several names that hair replacement systems are known by; they are known as toupees, hairpieces or wigs. Over several years there have been tremendous improvements in the quality of hair and the materials used in their construction and currently they could be simply described as hair systems. There are several men and women suffering from severe hair loss and many of them have resorted to hair systems as their remedy, but since these are not their natural hair they require regular and good care so that they can maintain their natural look.

Places to get Systems

In the past, we were required to visit physically to a retail salon or a cosmetic and beauty shop so as to purchase hair replacement systems and get them fitted, after which we could get regular appointments so that they could be cleaned, maintained and attached after every month or so. In current days where tremendous grounds have been achieved in Information Technology, online shops have been developed and customers are able to order their hair systems through website and email communications. This has made the systems readily available and easily accessible to plenty of users as well as it has greatly reduced their prices due to the very competitive market online and as result of a lot of beauty and cosmetic stores online.

Making Hair Systems

There are numerous materials used in making hair systems, the two main parts of a hair system are a base and the hair. The base is the part that comes into contact with the user scalp and it is made of polyurethane material different types of mesh or a lace while the hair can either be made from human or synthetic hair. The hair can be tied or injected so as to form an entire hair system. When selecting the material to make your base you have to consider durability or appearance. If you are after a natural look then a lighter and delicate material is perfect while if you are after durability then you need to look for a material that is thick.

Attaching Hair Systems

There are plenty of ways that can be used to attach hair replacement systems as they can adhere to the scalp, hair or on both. For active people that get sweaty or people that get wet due to their physical daily activities like swimming, they should attach the systems on the hair if possible. Some of the forms of attachments of this nature are weaves, cabling and bonding.

Maintaining Hair Systems

To keep the natural appearance of the hair replacement systems they should be conditioned and maintained on regular basis. Users should plan monthly appointments with their stylist where the systems are removed, cleaned and reattached. Or the user can take training to do the maintenance themselves excepting the hair cut.

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