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The important bits!


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How long does the procedure take?
Anything between 1-2 hours in total, depending on your hair style and our chit chat!
Can you shower as normal with the replacement on?
Yes! You are able to shampoo and condition your hair as normal, no need to remove it like a wig or toupee!
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Does it require for me to go under any operations or take drugs?
None whatsoever, unlike hair transplants, our process is completely surgical and drug free! No pain, alot to gain!
How is it stuck on?
The Revival System™ is bonded to the scalp using Medical Grade Adhesive, which is specialised to hold while doing your everyday things such as perspiration, getting hot and withstanding a long term hold before breaking down.

Hair Replacement Procedure

Can it be pulled or fall off?
Our adhesive reacts as a concrete type of hold, so there would be more chance of the hair being pulled out rather than the base coming away from your scalp.

Why Choose Us?

with over 10 years experience...

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Five Stars for Service


Our hair artists are available to travel to you anywhere in the UK. Allowing you to remain in the comfort of your own home.

We are available for consultations over both FaceTime and Face-Face. All consultations are FREE and available 7 days per week.

Our prices allow you to regain your confidence without constantly thinking about large costs for your hair replacement.

Unlike any other company in our sector, we offer a 3 months guarantee, to each and everyone one of our clients. To ensure, should any quality defects happen throughout the 3 months, we are able to cover with a replacement.

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The Process is Easy!

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Initial FREE Consultation

First, we'd love to meet you! Whether that be over Face-Time or Face-to-face we can then discuss things such as your lifestyle as this can give us the best idea on which Revival System™ will work best for you! We can then also colour match your hair perfectly, to ensure it is undetectable on the day of fitting!

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Making Your Revival System™

Once, we have your hair colour we can then create your new Revival System™ with our manufacturer in Italy, ensuring every little detail is met, to suit your needs! This can differ from density, texture, colours, preferred hair line and even Greys added to your hair!

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Fitting Your New Hair!

We can then fit your new hair! This procedure takes between 1-2 hours and is pain free! It is bonded to your scalp using our own Medical Grade Adhesive, which is 100% safe on all skin types. Once we have completed the fitting, we can then style the hair to any style you want before blending it into your own hair

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